Beginning of “Mom Chronicles”

About eight months ago, I started thinking about starting a sort of series of blogs, called “Mom Chronicles.”  I’d be the Mom writing, and I would be sharing about raising kids cross-culturally.

I thought about sharing about how we do things (like baths, or playing in the yard, or going for walks, etc.) as even these basic things look very different from how we’d do them back in Canada.  Or I might write a thoughtful, introspective post about the joys and challenges for me in raising kids in an environment and nation that is not my homeland (but it is my husband’s and our children’s).

Anyhow, so I guess (now eight months later), I should actually start writing down these thoughts and blog posts that I write in my head as I’m putting my baby to bed, or encouraging my toddler to eat some vegetables, or trying to juggle both of them during our late afternoon crazy hour.  Let the fun begin…

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