Five Minute Friday (FMF): Work

It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote on here.  I remember when I first came to the missions field and I had no lack of things to write about.  I also didn’t have children or a husband and did have such a thing as “me time” outside of my work responsibilities.  Somewhere along the way, it became work to carve out time for things I used to enjoy doing.  I guess life is like that.

My Mom has been sick for a while now, although we only found out in June.  It’s a job in itself to be caring for someone else, even when that someone is one whom you dearly love and it is actually a joy and a gift to be able to serve her in these ways.  But that shift from daughter to caregiver is a hard switch.  It’s a flip that is too abrupt and liable to cause whiplash if there was even time to think about it.

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (FMF): Work

  1. Visiting as your neighbor over at FMF. Sorry to hear about your mom, but glad you have the time and ability to care for her. We lost my mom just over two years ago (it does not seem like that long – I actually had to check myself). The whiplash analogy is so appropriate. I hope that you have peace and happiness and can pass that along to your mom.


  2. Being a caregiver is definitely work – work that we want to do and are grateful for the chance to do, but still it is hard – a labor or love, I guess! Praying God gives you the strength you need – and for your mother as well.

    Glad to have found your blog – hope you will have time to post often!


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