Five Minute Friday: Depend

I am not the sort of person who naturally wants to live an extremely spontaneous life.  I like schedules and plans.  I like to know what to expect.  I like to prepare.

And yet God called me to be a missionary and to live in Thailand and to have a Thai husband and to be a Mom.

He called me to live outside of my comfort zone to the nth degree.

And while I like having schedules I can depend on, the only thing I can really depend on is that life will not be predictable.  And the only One I can depend on is totally trustworthy and yet I struggle to trust Him as life throws me unexpected balls (or bomb) that I have to try to catch or avoid.

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Depend

  1. Yes, you can always depend on God to throw the unexpected at you.
    Sometimes I imagine Him saying, “Let see how they handle this challenge. This ought to be good.” Then He leans back in his recliner and puts his feet up waiting to see how we use our faith in Him to turn our new challenge into something good.


  2. I agree, I would also like life to be predictable and to be able to plan for it sometimes, but it is in the uncertainty and the unpredictability that we see God's faithfulness and that he is the one we can depend on in the midst of it all. Visiting from FMF #22.


  3. There's a song by John Newton that's been going through my head the past several months called, “I asked the Lord that I might grow.” Not that I wanted to remain stagnant but I forgot (how?!) about the growing pains that would lead me to growth in this season.


  4. Yes, you're absolutely right, Lesley. I don't know why I yearn for predictability so much. God's character remains the same but beyond that the Bible is filled with His servants constantly on their toes and being led by the Spirit. And THAT is really what I want when I think about it.


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