Day 1: Worship #write31days

I was going through papers in my Mom’s basement yesterday and came across a letter she wrote to my Dad two years after he had passed away (also from Cancer).  Reading it sent me on a sad wave that rocked me for the rest of the day and into the night.

I mentioned it to my friend who is helping our family declutter my Mom’s house and as I told her about it, I had some perspective about my Mom’s grief 18 years ago, and her current state in heaven.  I was able to move past the picture of her in the midst of her intense grieving period and imagine her in heaven worshipping the Lord forever.  Worshipping her Creator.  Her friend.  Her counsellor.  Her healer.  Her joy-giver.

That’s a better picture to hold onto.

I can choose to hold onto the deep grief, or the One who can hold me through this grief.

5 thoughts on “Day 1: Worship #write31days

  1. I hope this month will help you process (and I think it will). My father in law passed away from cancer in July and I have been going through his house this week, so in a way I could relate to much of what you are saying. Sending support and prayers.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Paula. Yes, even though we're only four days in now, I am actually looking forward to writing each day. I've surprised myself with what I feel like sharing and I think this month's writing will be a treasured compilation someday. Thinking of you as you continue to go through your father-in-law's house.


  3. So brave of you to write amidst such raw pain. I think so much of our deepest growth happens in the midst of this kind of pain and you are recording it in real time. Last week it was 8 years since my mom died. Even so long after her death it can still feel raw sometimes, but I too am comforted by thoughts that she is no longer in pain


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