Mom Chronicles: Traveling Internationally with Very Young Children

Roughly one month ago, my friend and former roommate from my Sop Soi days, posed a question to her Facebook friends:

“…has anyone ever done the international flight with a lap baby? How did it work out? Doable or terrible? We’re talkin’ 20 months lap baby.”

I am certainly NOT an expert of all children, and I’m still becoming an expert with my own children, BUT I have flown internationally with my littles quite a lot since becoming a Mom a little over four years ago.  And when I say flying internationally, I’m not talking about between USA and Canada.  I’m not talking about a 4-5 hour flight.  I’m talking about approximately twenty hours of flying, not to mention the layovers.

So here’s what I wrote in response to my friend:

“Totally and completely doable. I flew with Jesse at 15,16 and 18 months old, as a lap baby (also with Kate when she was 12 months and 23.5 months), between Toronto and Chiangmai and here’s what I found worked better: choose a family friendly airline like Korean Air (they are absolutely amazing and worth saving your sanity), chose normal seats and not bulkhead (and not bassinet). There is a weight/height restriction for the bassinets and Kate had maxed those out by 12 months old. Also, you have to remove them from the bassinet every time there’s turbulence. Also, those bulkhead seats don’t allow you to have bags stored under the seat in front of you (only overhead bins).  

Bring lots of go-to snacks and fruit/veg or yogurt pouches.  Cheese sticks. Goldfish crackers, etc. 

For around 20 months old, my kids were/are interested in stickers (them peeling and placing on paper), Colour Wonder markers and colouring books, Melissa and Doug water paint books (where the books are reusable and colour shows up on page when wet and disappeared when dry), playing with buckles on Ergo carrier, using plane magazines to look for things on various pages (e.g. “Can you find a flower?Can you show me a dog?” Etc)  

Walk up and down the aisles (either in carrier or walking themselves).  

Don’t worry about your kid’s sleep schedule. Jet lag will throw everything off anyhow. Just do a routine like this: eat, play, walk, eat, magazine search, snack, sleep. Then repeat and vary it up. 😉 

Let your kid watch some movies, etc. My kids at that age didn’t care about hearing the sound, they were happy to just watch a bit here or there.  

Above all, DON’T let yourselves look at the time. It will only make the trip feel super long. 🙂 Just relax, keep your expectations low and know that it will always go better than you anticipated.”

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