Day 5: Trust #write31days

Mom’s doctor described the palliative floor Mom was in as a house.  She usually went on to say that no one was ever alone, because it was one big house and so no one ever really died alone because other “family” members were always somewhere in the house.

The more I thought about this, the more I saw how there were other family values demonstrated from the doctors, nurses and PSWs.  One of the big things I saw them work on building was trust.  Mom went from not wanting anyone to help her at the beginning of the summer, to needing complete care within a month’s time.  By the time she was at Parkwood Palliative, she needed A LOT of care.  She had to reach out and receive the hands that the nurses offered when they helped her.  She was forced to trust them but, at the same time, they were so lovely in the many ways they cared for her and worked on building that trust and relationship in as much a natural way that you can, when you’re in that sort of environment.

By the end of Mom’s time there, we felt that Mom’s nurses were like family.  We had trusted them with our Mom, but also with our own hearts.

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