Day 6: Story #write31days

Early on, my Mom’s doctor said that this was Mom’s “journey” and that it was hers to walk through.  I hated that word initially.  It just seemed like something cheesy to say, and although we loved my Mom’s new family doctor, I had this resentment to that word.

As the summer progressed, along with my Mom’s cancer, I grew to tolerate the word.  And then I got it.

It’s like there was this reminder that there was some larger story out there – a bigger picture.  Mom’s journey with Cancer was quick (at least from when we found out until her eventual eternal homecoming), it was horrible but it was also a journey with laughter, tears, joy and pain.  The Lord weaved His story in such an obvious way throughout Mom’s journey and it became the main thing for me.

Mom’s journey was not for nothing.  Mom’s journey had a purpose and she embraced the One who drove her to her heavenly home.

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Story #write31days

  1. I want to have words for this. And for some reason, I want to give you a hug. I don't know what it's like watching someone have cancer but I can relate it to some family pain. Divorce. I love what you wrote at the end about embracing Jesus. It's how you get through. Letting him hold you. I'm glad God gave you laughter through the pain. Thank you for the reminder he does, Beth. ☺️


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