Day 18: Share #write31days

Getting my Mom to eat much was challenging at times.  Her appetite overall was fairly good, until it wasn’t.  So we would try to entice her to eat more with bringing in some of her favourite snacks and treats.  Cadbury Crispy Crunch bars, Dairy Milk bars and plain Miss Vickie’s chips were generally all accepted, as were chocolate pudding cups.

There was a Tim Horton’s in the basement cafeteria in Parkwood, where my Mom spent the last one and half months of her life.  I thoroughly enjoyed Tim Horton’s again, as I’m not normally in Canada, and would order various treats throughout the week.  My Mom’s favourite donut was the chocolate dip donut, but when she stopped her interest in that I reverted back to the good old blueberry muffin – something that would always bring me back to my childhood.  Sure enough, I didn’t have to twist Mom’s arm very much to convince her to share some with me.

I’d give her the top portion (which is always my favourite part), to which she’d say, “Why don’t you give me the bottom part, Beth?”  She had sacrificed enough in her life, always putting her family and friends first.  Giving her my favourite part was the very least I could do.

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