Five Minute Friday: Motivate

I don’t remember my Mom wearing a lot of embellishments or even jewellery when I was growing up. I can recall certain large chunky necklaces from family pictures when I was little, or some from later in life for a party, but it wasn’t really her thing.  But around the time she became a Grandma, she began to buy and wear clothing with sequins and sparkles on them.  She confessed that she did this so that her grandchildren would be motivated to sit on her lap and spend time with her.  Well, I have to say that this was a well thought out plan and also a successful one.  My firstborn, my Mom’s first Granddaughter, was delighted to play with the sparkly neckline on my Mom’s shirts.

Now, about four months after my Mom passed away, we still refer to any highly decorated shirt as a “Grandma shirt.”  And my daughter chooses those types first from her drawers.

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