When Plans Go Awry

Last Monday did not go as planned. What I expected as a simple trip to the border to get something specific done with my visa in my passport turned into a full-on migraine of a problem.

At the end of the day, we were returning home and we were all spent.

I said, “Well, THAT was not a very productive day. We’re no further along than when we left the house this morning!”

My husband said, “That’s not true!”

“Okay. Well, we learned what didn’t work.” My mind began to whirl with the knowledge that my husband was looking at this situation from an analytical point of view.  Once a scientist, always a scientist.

I went on. “We’ve learned what still needs to be done. We’ve learned that the process has changed from how it was previously and although the advice we were given may have been accurate at some point, it’s not accurate anymore…  Okay!,” I admitted,  “I see your point.”

My husband glanced over at me with a knowing look as we neared our driveway.  Our dog was at the gate, tail wagging with delight that we were finally home.

“We’ve learned quite a lot today.  And we HAVE made progress.  It’s just not the direction I had anticipated,” I ended.

No more needed to be said and we went into the house.  

Our youngest had fallen asleep on the way home and I carefully brought her inside and laid her on her bed.  I got our oldest showered and in pjs and together we went to the kitchen to have a little bit of mommy-daughter time – time which is usually shared with her two-year-old sister.  


We got to work straight away on a puzzle, singing some Greatest Showman tunes and chitchatting about this and that.  Soon enough, the puzzle was taking shape and I turned what I had been working on and joined it with my daughter’s portion.  I continued working away on it upside down, which wasn’t as easy as I had thought it might be.  Looking that way at the map of Canada (which is what the picture was) was unfamiliar. And a new perspective.  I will admit that I’m not very knowledgeable of all the islands in Nunavat Territory.  Placing them in their proper spot while the puzzle was upside down from my perspective was not even a little easy.  

Later, after my oldest had gone to bed, I was looking at pictures of our puzzle time.  I realised that my shift in perspective had not been my preference but it was my choice.


In the same way, my experiences from earlier in the day, as frustrating as they were, led me to reconsider what progress looked like.  Sometimes it looks like a path in one direction, but sometimes progress looks jagged and confused with fallen tree trunks blocking the path.  But no matter what the path looks like, I am still making progress.  I’m still learning along the way.  If I’m determined and persistent, I can still reach my goal even if my path takes me where I never thought I’d go.

But I had to choose to shift my perspective.

What’s your view like today?

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