As a young girl, I used to dream about growing up to become a writer and living by the sea – for inspiration, of course.  I am a 4w5 after all.

All these years later, I must confess that I have never lived by a sea, ocean or large body of water.  But I HAVE lived in plenty of inspirational places, met a large number of inspirational people, as well as experienced (and continue to experience) an amazing adventure in life. 

After eighteen years of serving the Lord in mission work, my husband, two young daughters and I moved back to Canada in August of 2018.  We no longer live on the edge of a small village in Northern Thailand, but in a comfortable neighbourhood in SW Ontario.

It’s taken a lot of time, energy, heartache and prayers navigating through the transition back to Canada.  Through these painful years, I’ve also become familiar with my dreams and goals.  Much like my writing, I am a work in progress.

Stay tuned for what comes next in this journey of life.