Your Hands

Your Hands by JJ HellerI have unanswered prayersI have trouble I wish wasn't thereAnd I have asked a thousand waysThat You would take my pain awayThat You would take my pain awayI am trying to understandHow to walk this weary landMake straight the paths that crookedly lieOh Lord, before these feet of mineOh Lord, before … Continue reading Your Hands

Solid Ground

Solid Ground by Shelly Moore BandHearts are broken, walls fall downOh the walls come crashing downPillars of strength now piles of rubbleIn tears we try to make sense of this puzzleChorus:Seasons will changeColours will fadeThese notes will be heard no moreAnd one day the painWill cease to remain'Cause this was never a story about meHearts … Continue reading Solid Ground